About GMSI


The largest active source for American Austin and Bantam parts and literature. We are always interested in buying, selling, & trading vehicles or parts in order to help you with your project. Occasionally we have complete vehicles available.

We do not produce a complete catalog as our inventory changes too rapidly to make one practical. This is especially true with used parts as quantities are always limited and descriptions vary due to condition. An online catalog is posted on our Products & Services page for your convenience. We do maintain a “wants/needs list” and attempt to fill your requests as parts become available. Please let us know what you need.

Currently, we are producing over  85 replacement parts for the Austin and Bantam in addition to the many mechanical and sheet metal parts that we make available as we obtain them.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide products and information as it is our goal to help move your project towards completion.

Thank You,

Joseph & Karen De Angelo